Constitution of the English Field Target Association. Ratified 16 September 2006
  1. This Association shall be named the English Field Target Association (EFTA being the accepted abbreviation) hereinafter referred to as the ‘Association’ and shall have the specific purpose of being the governing body of the sport of Field Target shooting in England.

  2. The objectives of the association are:







    to support and organize EFTA  Co-operation with other National and International shooting organizations.

    to select and support a National shooting team to represent EFTA in any International team shooting competition.

    to co-operate with and to support any other shooting or sporting, or associated body in matters of mutual interest to achieve any of the foregoing objectives, but without such co-operation or support infringing in any way upon the independence of the Association, its member bodies or any other body.

    the Association will enforce the disciplinary procedures as defined by the BFTA.

    the Association is committed to furthering the objectives of the British field Target Association.

  3. Membership of the Association shall be restricted to English Regional Field Target Associations.
    The Regional Associations currently members of the Association are:
      a) The South West of England FTA (SWEFTA)
      b) The Central and Southern FTA (CSFTA)
      c) The South East FTA (SEFTA)
      d) The Fenlands FTA (FFTA)
      e) The Midlands FTA (MFTA)
      f) The North West FTA (NWFTA)
      g) The North East FTA (NEFTA)

  4. The business of the Association shall be conducted by a Management Committee, which consist of a maximum of two delegates from each of the recognised Association in 3 above.  A Quorum shall be a majority of the voting Regions eligible to attend and at least one of the following Officers:  Chairman or Secretary.

  5. Voting shall be done on the basis of one vote per Region, with a casting vote to maintain the status quo being exercised by the Chairman as and when required.

  6. The office bearers of the Association shall be a Chairman and a Secretary,  elected at the AGM and these Officers (apart from the Chairman) shall have no voting rights other than their rights as normal delegates.  Other members may be co-opted at the discretion of the Management Committee.

  7. Members of the Management Committee must, at the time of joining; declare any business interest relative to the sport and undertake to report any changes of status.

  8. The Management Committee will meet not less than once a year at a mutually agreed venue and date.  One month’s notice, together with an agenda shall be sent to the Secretary of each member body and each Officer of the Association.

  9. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held annually.  One month’s notice, together with an agenda shall be sent to the Secretary of each member body.
    The following business shall be transacted:
      - approve the Minutes of the previous meeting (regardless of type, e.g. Regular, AGM or EGM)
      - receive the Annual accounts and reports of the Management Committee’s officers
      - elect the office bearers
      - set the dates of the following year’s committee meetings, including the next AGM
      - any other relevant business

  10. Alterations to the Constitution shall only be made at the AGM or EGM so called, and by a simple majority of the voting regions being present and voting.  The Committee shall be bound to call an EGM upon the request of two thirds of the member bodies.  In this case, one month’s notice together with agenda and/or constitutional change shall be given to the Secretary in writing, and issued to the member bodies one month before the meeting.

  11. The Association will not infringe in any manner on the autonomous rights of any member body.

  12. In the event of the Association being wound up, the assets of the Association shall not belong to member bodies or members of the Management Committee but shall be made over to the British Field Target Association.