EFTA Contacts

Should you need to contact the EFTA, please use the following:


English Regional Contacts

The South West of England FTA (SWEFTA):

Chairman: Kevin Jackman
Regional Secretary: Richard Guscott
Email: Click here

SWEFTA Website: Not yet known


The Central and Southern FTA (CSFTA)

Chairman: Mick Woodhead
Regional Secretary : Andrew Slade
Email: Click here

CSFTA Website:


The South East FTA (SEFTA)

Chairman: Barry McDonald
Regional Secretary: John Walker
Email: Click Here

SEFTA Website:


The Fenlands FTA (FFTA)

Chairman: Steve Sharpe
Regional Secretary: Not yet known
Email: Click here
Phone: 01778 421446

FFTA Website:


The Midlands FTA (MFTA)

Chairman: Lee Hadlington
Regional Secretary: Not yet known
Email: Click Here

MFTA Website: Not yet known


The North West FTA (NWFTA)

Chairman: Sam Barr
Regional Secretary: Stuart Swindells
Email: Click Here

MFTA Website: Click Here


The North East FTA (NEFTA)

Chairman: Brian Samson
Regional Secretary: Not yet known
Email: Click here

NEFTA Website:

EFTA Officials


Chairman - Mick Woodhead

Mick has been a staunch competitor and supporter of FT for many years. His enthusiasm never fails to impress those who meet him.

Mick also enjoys full bore shooting competitively

Currently also the CSFTA Chairman, he is also an NSRA County FT Coach.

A member of Bisley Field Target Organisation.



Secretary - Rob Farnworth

Rob has been shooting FT for around 5 years, fitting in as many competitions as the rest of his life will make room for.

He is also an FT Club Coach and shoots 10m Air Rifle competitively.

Currently a member of Christchurch Gun Club and Weymouth Field Target Club.


Treasurer - Beryl Noon

One of the quiet hard workers for the sport, Beryl and her family have been involved for many years with the promotion of FT. A past Ladies World Champion, she is often seen quietly beating the guys.

Beryl is an NSRA Club Coach.